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Public projects & contributions

Verkle Tries - Besu

This project aims at helping the Ethereum Foundation to migrate the protocol to Verkle Tries, an important optimisation in the path to stateless clients. Implements Verkle Tries for the Besu client.

Private Travel Routing

A demo that shows how Zama's fully homomorphic encryption can be used to create a privacy-preserving travel routing service which learns absolutely nothing from the user's origin and destination.

Python EVM compiler

Mini-compiler for the EVM with a simple python interface. Optimise your programs at the op-code level. Explore new op-codes to make EVM evolve.

Poseidon Rust Library

Rust implementation of the Poseidon family of hash function, currently being developed in the context of the EIP 5988 ("Adding Poseidon hash function precompile to the EVM").

Moloch on Starknet

Moloch on Starknet is a DAO Framework, implementing most of Moloch V2 features and running on Starknet. Currently developed on Cairo 0.10 it will be ported on Cairo 1.0. at regenesis.


Typecheck and auto-complete your starknet.js contracts. Catch type errors early without running a transaction, improving developers' experience.

Apibara Testing Template

Set of services and configurations to test an Apibara based indexer ; includes all the pytest features to run the tests.

Moloch on Starknet Indexer

Apibara based indexer managing the streaming, the storage and the querying of Moloch on Starknet events and data.
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